Thursday, 24 November 2011

OVAL Dissemination and OVAM Launch Event

We are running an event on the 9th December to mark the dissemination of the Opening Access to Veterinary Literature (OVAL) and the launch of Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum (OVAM) projects. It will be held at the Royal Veterinary College.

You are probably very familiar with the OVAL project now, after all, you are reading the blog! As it is coming to a close, we are running the dissemination event. We were fortunate to receive funding for the OVAM project recently and as it is going to build on the lessons learnt during the OVAL project, we thought it is a good idea to combine its launch with OVAL dissemination. 

The OVAM project is also funded by JISC as part of the Content Programma 2011-2013. OVAM will provide access to a comprehensive and pedagogically structured set of veterinary anatomical resources from UK veterinary schools and other institutions. These will be aggregated and ordered in an environment which will make them easily discoverable by different cohorts of learners. Key to the success of this project will be the development of effective methodologies to embed and integrate these materials within a traditional curriculum to maximise exposure, uptake and sustainability.

For more information about the event please see the agenda. Everyone is welcome but we would particularly like to encourage those interested in contributing to the anatomy museum (OVAM). The event is free but places are limited so please email Bara to book your place.

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